Dane 1st, "Z" 3rd at Blue Ridge Games

Dane Kovarik is bringing the first place trophy for the Advanced Division back to Brevard, Florida from the Blueridge Games Skateboard Contest held at the Zero Gravity Skatepark in Brevard , N.C. on December 17, 2005. Z Wills came in 3rd and John Coffrin came in 9th.
Timmy Knuth finished 2nd in the Sponsored Division.
Jenifer Saba came in 13th place in the beginners division.

Team Results From Splinter Contest

Timmy Knuth came in first place in the 13-17 age group at the new and improved Splinter Skatepark in Tampa. Other Graffiti finishes were Z Wills (5th), Dane Kovarik(6th), and JJ Mendez(10th).
Joe Grant got first Place for 18 and up.
Timmy also won the Best Trick Contest.

Team Results From 688 Thanksgiving Contest

Mathew Althar took second place in the 10-12 division of the street contest held at the 688 Skatepark on November 26, 2005.

Team Results From Grind For Life Series

The Grind for Life Series consisted of four contests held between February and October to raise money for cancer patients and their families. There were two street contests and two pool contests. Below are the final overall places of the Skate team members that participated. For the full results from all of the contests- Click Here.

10 - 12
Mathew Alther
13 - 15
Z Wills
Clarke Reilly
16 & Over
Tyler Schoenfield
Jenifer Saba
Timmy Knuth
Jeff Hatcher
T- 15th
Joe Grant
T- 15th
Z Wills


Team Results From Skatepark of Tampa
All Ages Street Contest November 19, 2005

9 - 12
Mathew Alther
13 - 15
Z Wills
Clarke Reilly
J.J. Mendez
John Coffrin
16 & Up
Dane Kovarik
Tyler Schoenfield
Timmy Knuth

Full Results - Click Here


Team Results From 2005 Kona Skatepark Halloween Am Jam
Street Contest October 22, 2005

Jennifer Saba
13 - 15
Z Wills
Dane Kovarik
Clarke Reilly
16 & Up
Tyler Schoenfield
Timmy Knuth
Jeff Hatcher
Joe Grant

Full Results - Click Here


Burning Across America Results

The Burning Across America Finals were held at the 688 Skatepark in Clearwater on September 3rd and 4th. Numerous heats in all divisions were held on Saturday and the top ten in each age group skated in the finals on Sunday.
Graffiti skaters that made it to the street finals and their finishing positions are:
12 and Under: Clint Beswick, 10th
13-15: Clarke Riley, 5th
16 and up: Austin Kormondy, 5th - Tyler Schoenfield, 9th
Sponsored: Timmy Knuth, 4th - Jeff Hatcher, 6th - Joe Grant - 10th

Timmy Knuth also took 1st place in the advanced Mini-ramp contest on Sunday.



Beswick 1st at SPOT Back to School Contest Aug 29,2005

Clint Beswick got his second straight victory in a Skatepark of Tampa contest for the 8 and under division.
Timmy Knuth took second in sponsored, where Joe Grant came in 12th and Jeff Hatcher 23rd.
Other Graffiti Finishes:
9-12... Andrew Stebbins - 8th.
13-15... JJ Mendez - 13th, Z Wills - 14th, Dane Kovarik - 24th
16 & up... Tyler Schoenfield - 8th

Full Results Here


Paradise Funplex Word of Mouth Contest
August 12, 2005 Team Results

13 - 15 out of 26
12th Z Wills
14th Clarke Rielly
Advanced / Sponsored out of 19
3rd Timmy Knuth

Full Results Here


Team goes to first Mesh Skatepark Contest

Timmy Knuth came in 5th in the Sponsored division at the new Mesh Skatepark all ages contest held on August 20-21 in Longwood, Fla. Jeff Hatcher and Joe Grant made it as far as the semis, beforte being eliminated.

In the 13-15 division, Z Wills took home some merchandise for his fifth place finish. Dane Kovarik got 7th, Austin Kormondy 11th, Clark Reilly 14th, and Jennifer Saba (the only girl entered) got 23rd.

In 12 and under Clint Beswick got 6th, Matthew Althar 10th, and Andrew Stebbins 13th.

Full Results Click Here.


Knuth 8th in Grind for Life Opener

Timmy Knuth finished 8th at the opening event for the 2005 Grind for Life series at Abacoa Skatepark in Jupiter on Feb. 26th, 2005.  This first event was a bowl contest.  Joe Grant finished 14th in the sponsored division.


Hatcher Competes at Tampa Am

Jeff Hatcher competed in the Tampa Am on January 21-23, 2005 at the Skatepark of Tampa.  Jeff is the first Graffiti team member to compete in this prestigious event.  He came in 57th place in his heat, which consisted of 107 of the top sponsored skateboarders in an international field.  The complete contest story, results, and pictures are available at the SPOT website.



Knuth, Hatcher 2nd and 3rd at Burning Across America Finals Dec. 19th at 688 Skatepark.

After a three month delay due to Hurricanes, the finals of the Burning across America event finally went off at the 688 Skatepark in Clearwater.  Timmy Knuth took 2nd, Jeff Hatcher 3rd, and Joe Grant 6th in the Sponsored Division Street Contest.  Austin Kormondy got 10th, Clarke LeBlank 13th and Tyler Schoenfeld 14th in 13-15 street. Andrew Stebbins came in 9th for 12 and under street.

Knuth also took home first place in the intermediate mini ramp contest  and Kormondy took 8th.


Knuth, Hatcher tie for 3rd at Stone Edge Thrash Bash Dec. 4th

Timmy Knuth and Jeff Hatcher tied for third in the sponsored division at the inaugural Thrash Bash at Stone Edge in Daytona.  Joe Grant came in 8th.  Austin Kormondy Came in 5th for the 13-15 division, where Dane Kovarik was right behind in6th and Tyler Schoenfeld got 19th.   Andrew Stebbins took 8th place in the 10-12 division.


Grind for Life Series Ends

MR's Skateshop at Olsner Skatepark in West Palm Beach wrapped up its five-contest series with a bang on Nov. 20th.  The final standings saw sponsored division skaters Joe Grant in 7th place, Jeff Hatcher in 13th, and Timmy Knuth in 14th.  In the 13-15 division Clarke Reilly-LeBlanc took 9th, Davie Waltman 18th, Austin Kormondy & Tyler Schoenfeld tied for 23rd.  Andrew Stebbins took 9th in 10-12.

Kovarik, Hatcher Lead Graffiti Skaters with 8th place Finishes at SPOT Harvest Contest, Nov. 20th

Dane Kovarik earned an 8th place finish at the Skatepark of Tampa in his first contest as a Graffiti team skater. He competed in the 13-15 division where Tyler Schoenfeld came in 18th.  In the Sponsored division Jeff Hatcher came in 8th, Timmy Knuth 12th and Joe Grant 28th.  Andrew Stebbins came in 12th in the 9-12 division.




Hatcher, Knuth, Grant take 3, 4, & 5 at 688 Halloween Havok

Jeff Hatcher, Timmy Knuth, and Joe Grant all placed in the top five of the sponsored division during the Halloween Havok contest at the 688 Skatepark in Clearwater.  Chris Eberlin took 3rd place in the 13-15 group.  Tyler Schoenfeld was 6th in 16 & up.


Eberlin gets 6th at Kona Halloween Am Jam

Chris Eberlin took 6th place in the 13-15 division of the Kona Halloween contest on October 23, 2004.  Tyler Schoenfeld came in 21st out of 32 entries.
In the sponsored divisionTimmy Knuth took 12th and Jeff Hatcher 20th.

Joe Grant 4th place sposored at SPOT

Joe Grant earned a fourth place finish at the Back to School Bash at the Skatepark of Tampa on August 28th, 2004.   Joe now has two new sponsors (Duffs Shoes and Gravel Skatewear).

Joe Grant, Clark Riley-LeBlanc, Austin Kormondy
Fair Well at Grind For Life Event

Joe Grant earned a third place finish in the sponsored division of the GFL contest held on Saturday, August 21st at the Abacoa Skatepark in Jupiter.  Clark took sixth place in 13-15 and Austin came in 10th place skating up in the 16 and over division.   Tyler Schoenfeld also represented Graffiti well in the contest.

Austin Kormondy Finalist at 688 Dew Stop

Austin Kormondy made it to the final jam at the Mountain Dew Free Flow Tour stop held at the 688 Skatepark in Clearwater.  Finalists included the top 15 skateboarders out of 45 entered.

Timmy Knuth, Joe Grant, Jeff Hatcher all Finish Strong at Skatelab

Timmy Knuth took 1st place with a perfect run, nailing many high-tech tricks in the 10-13 division during the contest held at Skatelab in Jacksonville on Saturday, June 5, 2004.  Joe Grant skated to 3rd,  Jeff Hatcher came in 4th, and Austin Kormondy came in 11th in the 14 and up Sponsored/Team division.
Full contest Results...Click here.

Joe Grant, Timmy Knuth Place at St. Augustine

Joe Grant earned his second consecutive  second place finish in 17 and up at the Treety Park Skatepark in St. Augustine on Sunday, May 29th, 2004.  Timmy Knuth took third place for 12 and under.  In 13-16 Jeff Hatcher got 6th, C.J. Dorer came in 11th, Austin Kormondy-12th, Clarke Riley-14th, and Tyler Schoenfeld-17th.

Joe Grant Second at Metro

Joe Grant skated his way to a second place finish in 17 and up at the Metro Skatepark in Sanford on Saturday, May 15th, 2004.  Timmy Knuth earned himself a fifth place prize in an increadably strong 12 and under field.

Timmy wins at St. Pete Pierfest

Timmy Knuth totally killed it at Pierfest in St. Petersberg on May 9th & 10th, 2004 to win the 12 and under skateboard division.  His run included a crook on the flat bar on the hood of the Dodge. 

Eric Loomis came in seventh place in the 13 - 15 inline division.

Eric Loomis Sixth at 688 Inline Contest

Eric Loomis skated to a sixth place finish in the intermediate division at the inline contest at the 688 Skatepark in Clearwater on April 24, 2004.   The top five advance to the next level for Monsters of Roll.  All top five finishers were locals from the Clearwater area.

Jeff Hatcher gets third at Paradise Contest

Jeff Hatcher came in third place during the WD42 contest held at the Paradise Funplex on April 24, 2004.  Timmy Knuth took fifth, Austin Kormondy 12th, and Clarke Riley 18th.

Joe Grant #1 at SPOT All Ages Contest

Joe Grant took home the first place trophy for 16 and up in his first contest at the Skatepark of Tampa on April 10, 2004.
Full Results and Pictures Here

Joe Grant Places Second at Grind for Life Event

On February 21st, 2004 Joe Grant took second place in the 16 and up division of the Grind for Life contest held at Abacoa Skatepark in Jupiter.  Clarke Reilly came in sixth in 13-15, while Davie Waltman got 8th and Austin Kormondy took 11th.  Jeff Hatcher and Timmy Knuth skated in the sponsored division and came in 9th and 10th. 
Full Results Here
Pictures Here



Team Graffiti Attends the Mike Rogers Benefit at Oelsner YMCA Park

On November 22, 2003 a benefit was held for Mike Rogers of MR's Skate Shop at the West Palm Beach Skatepark.  We all had a great time, being treated to demonstrations of skateboard skills from skaters of all types.  Totally awesome old school tricks were going off everywhere.  The pool sessions were literally off the wall.  And there was some increadable runs being taken on the street course and Mini-Ramp.  It was truely uplifting to see all these genres of our sport together for a most worthy cause.   Mike Rogers recently underwent major surgery for cancer.

Knuth, Hatcher take 1st, 2nd at Spot All Ages Contest

Timmy Knuth took first place for 9-12 while Jeff Hatcher took second for 13-15 at the Skatepark of Tampa all ages contest held on November 22, 2003.
Full contest results ... Click Here

Knuth, Ziegler get 1st, 2nd at Kona Halloween Contest

Timmy Knuth took first place for 9-12 and Lauren Zeigler took second for 13-16 in the Kona Skatepark Halloween Jam on October 25, 2003.
Full contest results ... Click Here

Call gets first place in the Burning Across America 2003 Finals

Mat Call took home the 1st place trophy for 13-16 mini-ramp in the finals of the BAA tournatment series held at Clearwater onAugust 30-31,2003.  Timmy Knuth got 2nd in the 12 & Under Mini Ramp and 4th in Street.   Chris Eberlen and Zack Wills came in 3rd and 5th for 12&under Mini.  Jeff Htcher ended up in 3rd Place in 13-16 Street with a flawless run.
Full team results ... Click Here

Knuth Takes Second, Hatcher takes 5th at SPOT All Ages

Timmy Knuth took second place and Jeff Hatcher got fifth in the August 22 All Ages Skateboard Contest held at the Skatepark of Tampa.  Look out for these guys and the rest of the team at next week's Burning across America Contest at Clearwater.

Lauren Ziegler,   Austin Kormondy, Clarke Reilly, and Matt Call add names as Burning Across America Finals Qualifiers

These three team members all qualified on August 9th at the Paradise Funplex in Merit Island.  They will be competing in the finals at the Central Skatepark in Clearwater over the Labor Day weekend.
Qulifying in the 13-16 division were Ziegler (2nd), Kormondy (6th), and Call (10th).   Team Member "Z" Wills took 1st, Reilly (2nd), and Timmy Knuth (4th) in the 12 and under Division.

"Z" Wills and Matt Call tops at Metro

"Z" Wills took First place  in the 12 and under didision of the Metro Skatepark Mini-Ramp Contest held on Sunday, August 3rd, 2003.  New Team Graffiti member Matt Call took first in the 13-15 division. 

Ryan Galindo Flips to Fourth at Vans, Orlando

Ryan Galindo earned a fourth place finish at the Brass Ball Inline Skate Competition held at Vans Skatepark in Orlando.  Ryan impressed the judges by going upside down with numerous flips; including a back flip, bio flip, 360 back flip, and a misty flip.  Other Graffiti team skaters included Timmy Knuth (7th place) and Austin Kormondy (14th place).

"Z" Wills garners 1st Place at Grom Wars

"Z" Wills took First place honors in the 14 and under didision of the third Grom Wars Contest of the Summer held on Sunday, June 29, 2003.  The contest was held at the Paradise Funplex on Merit Island.  Timmy Knuth came in third place in the 12 and under division.

Austin takes 1st Place at Skates USA Contest

Austin Kormondy's 1st place finish in the intermediate division led the way to a great Graffiti showing at the Friday the thirteenth Contest Sponsored by Skates USA, held at the Pompano Indoor Skatepark on June 13, 2003.  Daniel Hatcher and Timmy Knuth came in 4th and 5th, in the intermediate division.  Ryan Galindo took 4th place in the advanced division.
Full Results ... click here

Graffiti Team Members going to 2003 Burning Across America Finals

Congratulations to team members Jeff Hatcher, Jesse Smith, "Z" Wills, Timmy Knuth, Zack Irons, and Rick Turner for earning their way to the Burning across America Finals by earning top 12 finshes in their age groups during the qualifier held on May 17th at the Pompano Indoor Skatepark.  This premier contest series is hosted by the Skateboard Association of America.  Learn more about this all-summer-long series and get the latest results from all the qualifiers as they come in by going to their website. 

Jeff Hatcher takes third at SPOT All ages contest
April 12, 2003

Click Here for  contest results.

Team Graffiti Competes Sebastian Skatepark Contest
March 29, 2003

    Click Here for complete contest results.

Team Graffiti Does Well at Boardz and Bladz
February 22, 2003

    Click Here for complete contest results.
Click Here for pictures.

Team Graffiti Inliners Compete at Skates USA Event

    Skates USA held an event on February 1st, 2003 at the Pompano Indoor Skate Park.  Graffiti team members placed in the following positions.  Ryan impressed the judges with a 360 backflip, misty flip, and a variety of grinds.  Daniel and Timmy both had great runs in this contest that featured one of the strongest fields found at any amateur event in Florida.  Austin gave a great effort skating after injuring his shoulder during practice.

Ryan Galindo 3rd Place Intermediate
Daniel Hatcher 8th Place Intermediate
Timmy Knuth 9th Place Intermediate
Austin Kormondy 17th Place Intermediate

Pictures Click Here

Team Graffiti Competes at Slap Magazine Event

    The Slap After Am was held on January 25th at the Pompano Indoor Skate Park.  Graffiti team members placed in the following positions.

Zack Wills 9th Place 11-12 Street
Kris Sirani 6th place 16 and up Street
Andy Pica 11th place 16 and up Street
Jeff Hatcher 13-15 Street (final result unknown)
Lauren Zeigler 13-15 Street (final result unknown)
Zane Meyers Sponsored Street (final result unknown)

Click here for pictures

oelsnerlauren2.jpg (357749 bytes)

Zeigler Dominant at Betty Bowl Contest

Lauren Zeigler won the Street and Mini Ramp Contest at the Betty Series contest held at the Oelsner YMCA Skatepark in West Palm Beach.  She also came in second in the Bowl event.  The contest, held on January 4th, hosted girl skaters from as far away as California.

click here
for pics of lauren and other team members at Oelsner



Pica gets a first at Skatepark of Tampa

    Andy Pica landed a first place finish in the 13-15 division at the Skatepark of Tampa contest held on November 3rd.  Lauren Ziegler finished third in a strong  field of 27 skaters.

Mike Couture took tenth place out of 26 entered in the 16 & up division. Zane Meyers finished 11th out of the 35 entered in the Sponsored Am division. 

Graffiti Inliners Take Top Spots at Wadsworth Contest

    Austin Kormondy and Daniel Hatcher took first and second place in the 9-13 Inline street contest at the Wadsworth Skate Park at Flagler Beach on October 19th, 2002.
   Lauren Zeigler claimed second place in the 14-17 Skateboard street contest.

Skate Team Members do well at Burning Finals
    The Finals of the summer-long Burning Across America Skateboard Contest Series was held on September 1st & 2nd at Central Skate Park in Clearwater.     Over 120 skaters Competed in this incredible event.    They came from all over the USA and had to qualify in local contests held at parks during the summer.     The finals were exciting for the skaters and spectators alike.
    Here is a list of team members' accomplishments:

Lauren Ziegler 1st Place Girls Street
2nd Place Intermediate Mini-Ramp
Zane Meyers 1st Place Best Trick
(long kinked rail 50-50 kick-flip out)
Mike Couture 4th Place 13 - 16 Street
Zack Wills 5th Place 12 & Under Street
4th Place Beginner Mini-Ramp

Click Here for Pictures

Lauren Zeigler Wins Teenfest Contest
Team Graffiti Dominates the Competition

    Lauren Zeigler's run that can only be classified as huge (a really big melon air, super slick grinds, a blunt nose grab to fakie, and a kick flip transfer) led the way to a Team Graffiti sweep of the top five places at the Teenfest Skateboard Contest held on August 24, 2002.
Andy Pica's truly
insane run earned him second place while Zane Meyers, Mike Couture, and Kris Sirani all left lasting impressions on the Judges coming in 3rd, 4th and 5th place.

Pictures, click here

Lauren Zeigler takes second at Thrasher Contest

    Lauren Zeigler skated to a second place finish in the 13 to 15 age division at the Thrasher Magazine contest held at Pompano Indoor Skatepark. Lauren finished just ahead of former Team Graffiti member Jeff Hatcher, who came in third place.

All Team Graffiti Skateboarders Make Finals for Burning Across America Series

    On June 2nd Team Graffiti skated their way to the finals of the Skateboard Association of America's Burning Across America by placing in the top 10 of their divisions at the qualifier held at the Paradise Funplex in Merit island.

    Zack Willis took 5th place in the 12 and under division.
Mike Couture, Lauren Zeigler, and Shawn Lau came in 3rd, 4th, and 9th place respectively in the 13 to 16 division. Former team member Jeff Hatcher placed 12th after injuring himself near the end of his first run.
    Zane Meyer finished 9th in the Sponsored Skater Division.
They all will be heading to the finals to be held at the Central Skate Park in Clearwater in August.

Pictures here
page one             page two

click here for info on the series

    May Demo at the Eau Gallie Civic Center

    On May 10th Team Graffiti put on a demo for the many participants at the annual Mother's Day Party. It was a great event. After putting on a totally sick demonstration, the team was treated to pizza and a really good time at the party. We got some good skating pictures.

    Skate Team puts on three demos during April

    April was certainly a busy month for team Graffiti. On April 6th they performed at Patrick Air Force Base for their Family Fun Day. On April 13th the skate team was the center of attention at Florida Tech's Skate Festival. The Student Union was turned into a skate park while live bands played for the crowd. Then on April 27th the team wowed the crowd at Westside Elementary School's Spring Carnival. We did manage to get some good pictures, which you can see by clicking the link below.


FIT Demo Page 1      FIT Demo Page 2      West Side Demo

    Contest results from the Kona Skatepark Skateboard Contest held on Saturday, March 23, 2002.

Zack shows first place form during his run at Kona.

Mike's 5-0 helps lock up his second place finish.

    Zack Willis took first place in the 12 and under class!
Mike Couture came in second, Shaun Lau came in third, and Lauren Zeigler seventh in the 13 - 16 division.
Zane Meyers, now officially sponsored by Think Skateboards, made it through the preliminaries and into the finals of the Sponsored Division.

    Contest results from the Pompano Indoor Skatepark Skateboard Contest held on Saturday, January 26,2002.

    Zane Meyers took first place in the Age 13 - 15 division.    Jeff hatcher and Timmy Knuth also had respectable finishes in this event that included some of the top talent from South Florida.

    Skate team holds a demo at Play It Again Sports on US 192 in Melbourne.

    On December 15th we put on an exhibition and skate demo in the parking lot of Play it Again Sports. We brought our new demo mini ramp to skate on as well as a grinding rail and a small launch box. The team put on a great show.

Also at the demo was a huge rock climbing wall put up by folks at "The Edge". The combination of skating and rock climbing made for a fun day. Look for more of these combo events in the future.



  Contest results from the Satellite Beach Skateboard Contest held on Saturday, October 6th, 2001.

    Zane Meyers took first place and Joey Grant came in second place in the Age 14 - 17 division.
    Nice one - two finish for Team Graffiti.
    And Steve posted a respectable finish himself in the open/sponsored division. Nice to see he does get to skate between shifts.

    Contest results from Skateboard Association of America Burning South Summer Series Finals Held on September 1,2,3, 2001 at Central Skate Park in Clearwater.

    Lauren Ziegler won the girls division of the Skateboarding Association of America's Burning South Summer Series skateboard contest final event.     And Zane Myers pulled off the second best trick with a 50/50 grind down an extremely long kinked rail.
    This contest was composed of the top finishers from 14 preliminary contests that have been taking place since March, including stops in four states.    Spectators said that Lauren appeared to be in a class by herself, far outskating all of the competition.    Way to go, Lauren and Zane!

Burning South Summer Series 3
Amateur Skateboarding Competition

Held on July 28,2001,
Satellite Beach Skate park

Top 12 Finishers progress to the finals to be held at the Central Skate Park in Clearwater, Florida on September 1,2,3

Team Graffiti
Top Finishers

1st Place....
Joey Grant
(advances to finals)
3rd Place....
Zane Meyers
(advances to finals)
5th Place....
Marshal Snyder
(advances to finals)
7th Place....
Lauren Ziegler

(advances to finals)