Graffiti, CBS Team Experience
September 8, 2007
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Wild in the parks is an annual contest series event held by Volcom clothing. It makes its southern most stop at Kona skate park in late August or early September each year. This is our second trip up for this event and it is another one you don’t want to miss. Of course just finding any reason to go to Kona isn’t really that difficult but this is a really fun contest. Volcom does it up right by bringing in their own crew to register, run and give out tons of prizes to everyone. The contest is held in a jam style format where about 15 skaters skate the pre-selected obstacles in the street course for about 15 minutes. The divisions are 14 & under, 15 & up and this year for the first time an open pro/am sponsored division.

Blake Kovarik...Olly to Feeble
Jaime Ceruti... Front Board
Our army of skaters hit the road around 7am on the Saturday morning of the contest. This time we packed skaters, parents and loads of camping gear in the RV for the trip up to Jacksonville. It was definitely entertaining listening to the parents and all the team riders, some groms included interact with each other. However it was probably good the trip is only about 3 hours since I think the parents would have gone crazy if they had to be stuck in the RV much longer! With a mad game of UNO going on and a guitar hero challenge taking place in the back.
Now I don’t know what it is about Kona and contests but every time we head up for one, out of no where it clouds up and begins to pour down rain. Today was no exception! But we still stayed optimistic because no matter how bad it has rained in the past, Marty(Kona owner) and his staff seem to always pull it off and get the contest in between showers. We rolled up in the RV and found an awesome place to set up camp inside the park. As we emerged from the RV we could here Marty on the mic announcing our arrival and telling the huge crowd of skaters and onlookers we would be serving a lunch buffet at noon! Ha! Ha! It is kind of funny actually since we have so many team riders and crew of supporters it must look pretty crazy to others when we roll up. One after the other comes out of the RV seeming like it is an endless amount of people. Anyway we set things up at the RV and headed out to the course for some warm ups before the contest. 

Clint Bestwick..... Shifty

Sam Rooks.....Front Board
There were multiple helpers drying the course with blowers and towels when the contest finally got underway. Up first was the 14 and under division and I have to say that this age division is one of the best there is. These kids really try to throw it down with little or no fear and stepping it up to some really big man size tricks. Some of the notables were Alex Pelegrino giving lessons on varial heal flips to board slides on the flat bar. While Spencer Lau showing his smooth stylish one footers over the pyramid. Our crew from Cocoa Beach was stepping it up also. Little Jack Straiton seemed to have a mission in mind with super fast speed and hitting up just about every inch of the big course. Also Clint Beswick was rippin as usual with front boards to fakies on the flat bar to ollie to manual across the box and pop out. As well as some huge ollies bank to bank over the pyramid in style. Sam Rooks on the CBS team was also stepping it up with some new found front boards and lip slides on the bump to bar. While our own Blake Kovarik was getting creative with wally like grinds up the bump to bar to feeble across, yep it was sick to watch! Our Florida team rider Anthony Faiola was also throwing it down on the double set with both front and back 180’s and looking pretty casual at it. Dylan Durkin from our CBS team was on fire all day despite almost breaking his leg at the Burning Across America contest the weekend before. Even though I was on the course most of the day telling him to take it easy you could see his determination and excitement was in full effect and he was not going to hold back. Dylan is just sick to watch skate with fluid lines and huge airs combined with stylish rail and ledge tricks. All in all the younger guys stepped up to the plate again and got lots of props from the crowd and judges on the mic all day long. Again we just have to many riders to mention them all but they all represented in great style all day and my congrats goes out to all.

In the 15 & up division the skating was just as wild as they say. Our crew put on a show. Kyle Chambers had the crowd watching as he put down some really unusual tricks like, Sal flips, back footed flips down the double set to tricks I don’t even know how to describe. It is always entertaining watching Kyle since he puts in stylish tricks that you just don’t see very often. Jaime was on as well with lip slides on the flat bar and huge kick flips over the pyramid. Michael Wolfe had a rough day. He was skating with a nearly broken ankle so he had to skate switch on most things and still managed to put down some hammers both on the flat bar and the big circle rail. Some of the others like: Chad, Randy, Sam, Riley from CBS were also on with some crazy tricks as well. Shylo was also feelin it that day with lots of speed and smooth style. Hitting almost every inch of the course and destroying the big round rail with multiple tricks. Check some of the photos to see how everyone was going off.

Andrew Allaire.....Tail Slide
Clint Bestwick.....Shifry
In the open pro/am division we had Timmy Knuth and Dane Kovarik representin and both were having a blast all day despite the wet course. Everyone was slippin and slidin around and I think we saw more falls in this division than any as the night began to fall and the ramps got even wetter. I probably don’t even need to say how Timmy skated so lets just say “beetle juice” was on fire as the MC on the mic announced many times during the day. Dane is stepping it up also lately and put down the hammers with blunt slides on the big circle rail as well as some huge kick flips over the pyramid and kick flip to manuals on the low box. Other notables were George Evans from Jax who really stole the day with more big tricks than I can describe along with Evan Mirschell who has the style for miles.
In the end the ones making it to the finals from our crew were: Blake, Jaime, Timmy and Kyle. They were beat down but stoked to hear they were in for another 15 minute jam to determine the winners of that division. This year Volcom added more incentive to the finals by inviting the top 7 winners to a championship finals to be held in Austin Texas on September 22. So everyone in the finals heat was gunning for the top 7. In the first group (14&under) Blake was the first to find out he had made the cut. After putting down his signature double flip during his jam. Then Jaime and Kyle were announced as finalist and then Timmy who just got into the finals despite some serious skating during the qualifiers. All of the finalists are posted below for those of you who want to know where these guys placed. Again I am stoked for all of our guys and happy to say they made another great impression on everyone there. I also want to say thanks to the Volcom guys who gave us lots of props all day and hung out with us at the RV. Your welcome for the free chicken. Also thanks to Martin and the whole Kona crew for hosting this event each year. All of them are awesome and Kona is truly legendary in the skate industry so we are grateful to be apart of it.
Timmy Knuth.....Nose Blunt
We will be back for sure next year and want everyone who hasn’t ever been to Kona to know. You don’t know what you are missing. As night fell we loaded everything up and headed home and you could tell a great time had been had by all once again. Its so awesome to have such a rad group of a skate family as ours and I am glad once again to be in it.

Winners.....14 and Under

1st - Alex Pellegrino
2nd - Zach Oloughlin
3rd - Kai Gause
4th - Blake Kovarik
5th - Spencer Lau
6th - Brock Taylor
7th - Jake Miller

Winners.....15 and Up

1st - Brandon Nelson
2nd - Barrett Clayton
3rd - Cj Dixon
4th - Harvey Carroll
5th - Kyle Chambers
6th - Jaime Ceruti

7th - Nathan Kirkland


1st - George Evans
2nd - Evan Mirschel
3rd - Antonio Jones
4th - Timmy Knuth
5th - Christian Carlos
6th - Dj Gaudin
7th - Jason Colon