Here is a look around the park at some of the different ramps
Pictures taken August '03

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803_2ft.jpg (231288 bytes)
2 foot mini-mini
803_4ftqhip.jpg (219404 bytes)
4 foot quarter w/hip
803_5ftnw.jpg (192391 bytes)
5 foot quarter
banks on each side
bowl behind
803_bowl.jpg (216460 bytes)
Satellite Dish Bowl
803_5ftbank.jpg (209747 bytes)
Bank of ramps
4 foot hip
5 foot roll in, then quarter
6 foot bank
803_pyramidfw.jpg (217074 bytes)
3 Sided Pyrmid
803_pyramidfne.jpg (221491 bytes)
Banks, kinked rail, launch,
hubba ledge, pyramid
803_pyramidfs.jpg (202346 bytes)
Same from the other side
803_8fthalf.jpg (190785 bytes)
8 foot half pipe
with 10 foot extension
803_miniramp.jpg (197003 bytes)
4 foot mini ramp
20 foot wide
803_6stairrail.jpg (199094 bytes)
Six stair w/wide rail
Bank with adjustable rail
Smaller bank with ledge
803_swcornerclose.jpg (165409 bytes)
Big step-up
5 foot quarter
6 foot bank w/wall ride
803_swcornerfar.jpg (201532 bytes)
South side of the park
803_wstofmini.jpg (199833 bytes)
5 foot bank, quarter,
7 foot roll-in.  Previous shot taken from top of roll-in
803_wallridefar.jpg (228258 bytes)
"Little" section
quarters, roll-in, wall, launch,
spine, 3-stair
803_wallrideclose.jpg (205174 bytes)
Close up


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