Junior Team


Junior Team

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February 6th, 2013


Clint Beswick, Mark Robinson and Dustin Drakesmith
Advance in 2010 King of the Groms

King of the Groms finals update
February 19-21, 2010

Clint, Mark and Dustin all headed up this past week to Minnesota for the KOTG finals. All of them skated the qualifiers on Saturday to try and make the cut to the finals on Sunday.

All skated great. Clint made the cut coming in 8th and Mark just squeezed in the top 10 in tenth place. The skating this year was incredible making it tough for even the oldest skaters which can only be 12 years old to make the cut.

After all was done and hundreds of skaters wowed the crowd and judges with some amazing tricks for this age level. In the expert level Clint finished 6th overall and Mark placed 5th overall in the intermediate division. Watch for both of these team riders to show up and blow up over the next few years.

Already skating at the top of their age level the future for skateboarding looks amazing from these kids.

Congrats need to go out to 3 of our own local area rippers and Graffiti skate zone team riders. Clint Beswick(Palm Bay), Mark Robinson(Palm Bay) and Dustin Drakesmith(Longwood) all traveled up to Atlanta Georgia’s Progressive skate park for the annual “King of the Groms” skate contest qualifier.
What is now the largest under 12 amatuer skate contest in the country draws some of the best talent from all over the US. Skaters compete in street style and mini ramp contest runs hoping to lay down some of the most difficult lines and tricks for skaters in this age range. Today skaters at very young ages skate at the level that many top am or pro skaters do. Thus making this event one to watch for up and coming talent in the skate industry. Large industry sponsors like World Industries (www.worldindustries.com) and Woodward skate camps back and support this event heavily to get a glimpse into the future of skateboarding. The top qualifiers for this event will get a chance to move on to the final event which is held each year in Minnesota at the very famous 3rdlair skate park (www.3rdlair.com).
We are super proud and stoked to announce that all three of our local team riders from GSZ not only ripped all weekend but made the cut to advance to the finals at the 3rdlair skate park on February 19th- 21st 2010. These skaters are the future talent from our area and state that we will sure hear alot about in the next few years.


See Photo Album of the team at the Stonedge GE Jam, March 2008...Click Here

Clint gets 6th in advanced street at King of Groms


Clint and Dustin competed in the national King of Groms Contest at the third Lair Skatepark in Minnesota on February 20-22.................. Full contest Details Here
Dustin takes 11th place in begginer street at King of Groms


Team Trip to Volcom Wild in the Park at Kona Sept. 8, 07

Story and Pics HERE


Team Trip to Burning Across America at 688 August 31-Sept. 2, 07
Story and Pics HERE

Clint 2nd at King of Groms

Yep thats right our own little 9yr old from Palm Bay Florida headed up to the 3rd lair skatepark in Minnesota to represent for his home park Graffiti Skate Zone and placed 2nd over all at the nationally recognized King of Groms contest.

Clint ripping up the miniramp at third lair


Clint Skates up, takes 4th at first GFL event of 2007

Clint Beswick took 4th place skating in the 10 - 12 division of the first leg of the Grind For Life Series held at the Abacoa Skatepark in Jupiter, Fl. on February 17, 2007. Anthony Faiola came in 20th place, Ian Liddon came in 29th, and Adam Althar came in 30th.
Jessica Rua got the fifth place trophy in the girls division.
Full Results Here

Team Pics from Jupiter (Click for larger image)


Results from Kona Haloween Am Jam

Clint Beswick came in ninth and Anthony Faiola Got 13th out of twenty in the Halloween Am Jam held at Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville on October 28th, 2006.

Full results here


Clint 1st at Stone Edge

Clint Beswick finished 1st for 9 and under at the Crown Skateboards contest held at Stone Edge Skatepark in Daytona Beach on October 7th.
Full Results Here


Clint gets 5th in Burning Across America 10-12 Division

Clint Beswick took fifth place skating up in the 10-12 division of the Burning Across America Finals held September 30-October 1 at the 688 Skatepark in Clearwater, FL. Also making the finals was Anthony Faiola, who came in 11th place. Austin Steele, Ben Kellner, Matt Horner and Adam Althar ended up 20, 22, 23rd, & 26 in the qualifier.
Clint also came in 4th Place in the intermediate Mini-ramp contest held Sunday.

Full Burning Across America Finals Results Here ........................Graffiti Advanced and Sponsored Team Results Here


Clint Makes Semi-Finals at Volcom Conest

Clint Beswick earned his way into the sem-finals in the Volcom Stone wild in the parks contest held at Kona Skatepark on September 9, 2006. To get that far, he had to come in the top 10 out of the 60 entries.


Results of Final Grind For Life Event for 2006

Clint Beswick took 3rd place and Mark Gagnon came in 7th place in the 9 and under division of the Bowl Contest held at Stone Edge Skatepark in Daytona Beach on September 2, 2006. This was the final of the 4 event Grind For Life Series. The overall points leaders will be awarded their prizes on November 18th at the Benefit event to be held at Cocoa Beach. The event will include pro demos, raffels, silent auctions, live music, and more. For full results from Stone Edge and to get a sneak peak at the overall winners...Click here.


Team Trip to Spot Back to School All Ages Contest Results
August 26, 2006 at the Skatepark of Tampa

8 and Under(12 Entries)
Mark Gagnon
9 to 12 (26 Entries)
Clint Beswick
Kimberly Boots
Full Results... Click Here

Stephen Vaughn Mountain Dew Free Flow Finalist

Stephen Vaughn made it to the finals of the Free Flow Tour Junior Jam held at Vans Skatepark in Orlando on June 3, 2006. He earned his way to the finals by placing in the top two during his preliminary heat.


Clint gets third at SPOT Scools Out Jam

Clint Beswick took third place skating up in the 9-12 division at the all ages contest held on May 27th at the Skatepark of tampa. Matt Horner and Stephen Vaughn came in 15th and 16th place.


Team Supports 2nd Grind For Life Event

The graffiti teams were out in full support at the second Grind for Life event hosted by the Cocoa Beach Skatepark on April 2nd 2006. The team did fairly well even though they were slightly out of their element in this bowl/pool style transition course.
Final Positions were:

9 & under: Clint Beswick- 4th
10 to 12: Matt Horner- 19th, Stephen Vaughn- 29th, Josh Centkowski- 31st

Clint Beswick Takes First at Mesh

Clint Beswick took first place in the 12 and under division at the contest at Mesh Skatepark in Longwood Florida on April 22nd. Stephen Vaughn came in 15th.


Graffiti Team Skates at St. Pete Peirfest April 9th and 10th

The GSZ team compeated at the St Petersberg Peirfest at the Peir on April 9th and 10th, 2006. Peirfest included bmx and inline competitions as well as skateboarding.
Graffiti team members who made it to the 10 person finals after the Saturday qualifying and there final posions are:
12 and under- Clint Beswick- 4th, Jaime Ceruti- 5th

Peirfest Pictures Here

Clint wins at Kona Spring Fling

The team went to Kona in Jacksonville for the Spring Fling Contest. The team member's results are:

9 and Under (12 entered)
Clint Beswick
10-12 (30 entered)
Jaime Ceruti

Full Results Here

Team Graffiti results from Spot All Ages Contest

The GSZ team compeated in the all ages contest held at the Skatepark of Tampa on March 25, 2006. The team's individual places are as follows:

Full results here

8 and under (14 entered)
Ronnie Beddia
9-12 (24 entered)
Clint Beswick


Jaime Ceruti
Stephan Vaghn
Matt Horner
Josh Centkowski


Graffiti Team Riders Rack Up Points in First GFL Event

The first Grind for Life event of the 2006 season was held at the 688 Skatepark in Clearwater on February 25,2006. Following are the team's results. For Complete results....Click Here

9 and under
Clint Beswick
Jamie Ceruti
Matthew Althar
Blake Kovarik
Stephen Vaughn
Matt Horner
Adam Althar

Graffiti Team Riders Results from King of Crete

The King of Crete contest sponsored by the Covert Skate Shop, was held on February 18, 2006 at the Orlando Skatepark. The results were based on a total score of runs on the Flow course and the Street Course.

12 and Under
Jamie Ceruti
Clint Beswick
Matt Horner
Stephan Vaughn


Clint Takes 3rd at Blue Ridge Games

Clint Beswick came in 3rd in the intermediate division at the Blueridge Games Skateboard Contest held at the Zero Gravity Skatepark in Brevard , N.C. on December 17, 2005.

Clint Takes Splinter Contest

Clint Beswick won the 12 and under division at the new, improved Splinter Skatepark in Tampa on Saturdat Dec. 10, 2005.

Clint First at 688 Thanksgiving Contest

Clint Beswick took first place in 9 and under at the contest held at 688 Skatepark on November 26th. Adam Althar came in 4th.
Clint also took home the first place prize for best trick 12 & under held on the double set on the big street course. Clint's tricks included a kick-flip down the double set and a boardslide on the down rail.

Team Results From Grind For Life Series

The Grind for Life Series consisted of four contests held between February and October to raise money for cancer patients and their families. There were two street contests and two pool contests. Below are the final overall places of the Skate team members that participated. For the full results from all of the contests- Click Here.

9 & Under - Clint Beswick, 3rd
10 - 12 - Mathew Althar, Adam Althar, Andrew Stebbins,Tied 19th
Jaime Ceruti, Blake Kovarik, Dean Stevens, Tied 21st

Team Results From Skatepark of Tampa
All Ages Street Contest November 19, 2005

8 & under - Clint Beswick, 1st Place
9 - 12 -Mathew Althar, 9th... Jaime Ceruti, 10th... Adam Althar, 14th
Full Results - Click Here

Team Results From 2005 Kona Skatepark Halloween Am Jam
Street Contest October 22, 2005

8 & under - Clint Beswick, 1st Place
9 - 12 - Jaime Ceruti, 6th... Mathew Althar, 13th... Blake Kovarik, 17th
... Andrew Stebbins, 18th... Brock Woodley, 26th... Adam Althar, 27th

Click on Picture for larger image

Full Results - Click Here

Team Results From 2005 Burning Across America
September 2,3 2005 at 688 Skatepark

12 & under Street - Clint Beswick, 10th
Mini Ramp - Jaime Ceruti, 9th...Mathew Althar, T11...Andrew Stebbins, T11
Full Results here...

Beswick 1st at SPOT Back to School Contest Aug 29,2005

Clint Beswick got his second straight victory in a Skatepark of Tampa contest for the 8 and under division.
Other Graffiti Finishes:
9-12... Andrew Stebbins - 8th.
Full Results Here

Paradise Funplex Word of Mouth Contest
August 12, 2005 Team Results

12 & Under
9th Jaime Ceruti
15th Adam Althar

Full Results Here

Team goes to first Mesh Skatepark Contest

In 12 and under Clint Beswick got 6th, Matthew Althar 10th, and Andrew Stebbins 13th.

Full Results Click Here.

Clint finishes 4th in Grind for Life Opener

Clint finished in 4th place in the First contest of the Grind for Life series held at the Abacoa Skatepark in Jupiter on Feb. 26th, 2005.  This was a bowl contest.  Jaime came in 13th place.

Clint Gets 2nd Place at Burning Across America Finals, Dec. 19, 2004

Clint took 2nd place and Jesse 14th in the street contest in the 12 and under division of the Burning Across America Finals at 688 Skatepark in Clearwater. The finals were postponed for 3 months because of the Hurricanes.
In the mini-ramp competition, Jesse came in 5th, Clint 9th, and Jamie 11th.

Jesse, Matthew Place 4 and 5 at Stone Edge Thrash Bash

Jesse, Matthew, Blake, and Dean finished 4,5,10, &12 respectively in 10-12 division of the Thrash Bash held at Stone Edge Skatepark in Daytona on December 4, 2004.  Clint took home the 2nd place prize for 9 and under.

Clint Takes 3rd in Grind for Life Series

Clint was awarded his trophy for third place in the 9 and under division of MR's Grind for Life Series at the grand final on November 20, 2004 in West Palm Beach after a long car ride from Tampa, where he won a contest that morning- see below (who says you can't be two places at once?) 
Jesse finished in 6th place for the series.

Clint Wins 8 & Under Division Title at SPOT Harvest Contest

Clint got 1st Place at the Skatpark of Tampa's annual Harvest Contest on November 20, 2004.  In the 9-12 division, Andrew A. came in 13th and Matthew 15th place.

Clint Takes First Place at KONA Halloween Am Jam

Clint won the 8 and under division on October 23rd, 2004 at the halloween am jam at Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville.  Andrew S. took second place in the 9-12 division. Jesse came in 9th, Andrew A. 13th, Matthew 17th and Adam 18th.

Clint wins Best Trick at 688 Halloween Havok Contest

Clint tied for the best trick 12 and under with Skatelab's Spencer at the contest held at 688 Skatepark in Clearwater.  He also came in 5th place street.

Clint takes 10th at SPOT  Contest

Clint came in 10th at the all-ages contest held on august 8, 2004 at the Skatepark of Tampa.

Alex Wins Trip to Woodward

Alex won the trip to Camp Woodward in the Playstation Big Hookup Contest held at the Skatepark of Tampa on June 16, 2004.  Alex came in first place for the inline division. 

Clint Gets Another Second at Skatelab

Clint's continued his sring of top five finishes with a 2nd place finish in the 9 and under division at Skatelab in Jacksonville on Saturday, June 5, 2004.  Jessie came in 10th place.   The groms from skatelab totally ripped.
Full contest results...click here.

Clint takes Second at St. Augustine

Clint's earned a second place trophy in the 7 and under division at the contest held at the Treety Park Skatepark in St. Augustine on May 29. 2004.  In the 8-12 division, Andrew S. came in 10th and Jesse came in 13th.

Clint Gets Fifth at St. Pete Pierfest

Clint's kick flip fakie on the wedge ramp at the St. Petersberg Pierfest was good enough to garner him a fifth place finish in the 12 and under division.  The Pierfest contest was held on May 9 & 10, 2004.

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