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Corie Sixth at 688 Inline Contest

Corie skated to a sixth place finish in the intermediate division at the inline contest at the 688 Skatepark in Clearwater on April 24, 2004.   The top five advance to the next level.   All top five finishers were locals from the Clearwater area.

Groms compete at Skatepark of Tampa

Andrew A. came in Tenth Place and Clint 11th out of the 29 entered in the 12 and under division in the SPOT all ages conest held on April 11. 
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Groms place well in second 2004 Grind for Life Series Event

Jesse and Clint took third and fifth place in the 9 and under division while Kenny and Andrew S. took fifth and sixth in the 12 and under division of the first Grind For Life charity contest held on April 3rd at the Olsner Skatepark in West Palm Beach.
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Groms Place High in First 2004 Grind for Life Series Event

Clint andJesse took third and fourth place int the 9 and under division while Andrew S. and Kenny took fourth and fifth in the 12 and under division of the first Grind For Life charity contest held on February 21st at the Abacoa Skatepark in Jupiter.
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2003 Burning Across America Finals Results Are In

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Graffiti Team Members going to 2003 Burning Across America Finals

Congratulations to team members Brian, Timmy, and Kenny for earning their way to the Burning across America Finals by earning top 12 finshes in the 12 and under  age group during the qualifier held on May 17th at the Pompano Indoor Skatepark.  This premier contest series is hosted by the Skateboard Association of America.   Learn more about this all-summer-long series and get the latest results from all the qualifiers as they come in by going to their website. 

Timmy leads Graffiti Groms at SPOT all ages contest
April 12, 2003

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Graffiti Groms Sweep at Sebastian Skatepark Contest
March 29, 2003

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Graffiti Team Does Well at Boards and Blades
ebruary 22, 2003

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Graffiti Groms Dominate at Slap After Am

   Graffiti Grom team members took five out of the top six places of the 10 and under street division at the Slap Magazine Contest held at the Pompano Indoor Skate Park.  Pompano local ripper, Brock, came in first place.  Then came the Graffiti lineup of:
2nd - Andrew, 3rd - Kenny, 4th - Colton, 5th - Zack, and 6th - Adam.
   Timmy came in 8th place in the 11-12 street division.

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Team Visits Oelsner YMCA Park in West Palm
oelsnerkenny1.jpg (105846 bytes) oelsnerkenny2.jpg (98368 bytes) oelsnergrom.jpg (84360 bytes)
Kenny and Zack ripping the bowl at Oelsner YMCA Park
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Timmy Tough at Tampa

    Timmy once again came through for Team Graffiti.  This time it was in the 12 and under division at the Skatepark of Tampa contest held on November 24th.  Out of a field of 21 of the toughest Grom skaters seen anywhere, Timmy finished in 8th place.

Graffiti Groms Fair well at Wadsworth Contest

    Timmy showed his multiple talents at the Skateboard and Inline contests held on october 19, 2002 at the Wadsworth Skate Park in Flagler Beach.  Timmy took 1st place in the 10-13 Skateboarding and 3rd place in the 9-13 Inline contests.
    Adam claimed 2nd place in 10-13 skateboard, while Christian, Kevin, and Andrew came in 4th, 5th, & 6th in the 9 and under skateboarding.


Catching Air

Going for it

Waiting eagerly

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