The Graffiti Skate Zone Florida Team (Flo team) is made up of skaters throughout Florida who may or may not have a local skate park/shop team that offers a core team that travels, competes, and generally represents the positive influence that skating can have in their community and throughout Florida. Since the GSZ team is developed primarily from the local skate park Graffiti Skate Zone in Palm Bay this team level will allow other skaters outside the area the ability to become team riders by meeting certain team requirements, supplying videos and completing a team application for selection rather than having to attend Graffiti for our regular tryouts every 3 months.
Florida Team
However a Florida team rider can attend tryouts to get selected if they wish as long as they have also completed the Florida team application and been approved by the team manager or staff of Graffiti prior to trying out. If a team rider is not able to attend tryouts every 3 months they can complete all of the Florida team application forms and information sheets and send them in to Graffiti Skate Zone with a short (under 3 min) video that includes their skating skills as well as personal information about them including: name, where they live, how long skating etc…
After receiving the Florida team rider application, info sheet and video the team manager and staff of Graffiti will review at their convenience the information about the skater and notify them if they are further interested. A team rider applicant can contact the team manager for updates if interested in finding out the status of their application.
After being contacted and selected by the team manager the Florida team rider applicant will be put on the team on a temporary status until the next GSZ team trip where the Florida Team rider applicant will be required to attend and skate. At this team event the Flo-team riders will then be reviewed on their skills as well as any other concerns by the staff and team manager and then notified of whether or not they will be placed on the GSZ team in a permanent position for the next 3 month term.

After their 3 month term the Flo-team riders will have to complete another info sheet, video or tryout selected by the team manager or staff. The Florida team will consist of as many skaters as desired by the team manager and staff of Graffiti Skate Zone. Questions, applications and videos regarding the GSZ Florida team can be mailed to:

Graffiti Skate Zone
1502 Port Malabar Blvd
Palm Bay, Florida 32905

Or if you have more questions you can email us at:


or call us at the skate park/shop at 321-725-2588