Graffiti, CBS Team Experience
August 31-September 2, 2007
Burning Across America Finals, 688 Skatepark, Clearwater, Florida
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August 31, 2007 - Well, the crew loaded up this long labor day weekend and headed out to Clearwater Florida. Yes, it’s the annual Burning Across America contest held at the 688 skate park in Clearwater. Our crew has been hittin up this event for nearly 4 years now and wouldn’t miss it for nothing. Just imagine taking about 30 rippers of all ages and throw in another 15 or so parents for 3 days of togetherness and you might start to understand how crazy this weekend could get. Um, well maybe not unless you have hung with our crew before. Lets just say this weekend will once again go down in history with several notable incidents over the weekend. From nearly getting kicked out of the motel to getting trapped in the elevator and sweating off at least 10 lbs at the skate park just to name a few. All in all it was another great adventure of skating fun for everyone.

Shylo Toliver... Stalefish
Jaime Ceruti... One Foot
Most everyone arrived Friday night Aug 31 at 688 for a full on practice session. Kyle C. and I headed over the next morning with the RV since I was out late Friday watching a show by our own in house skate park band “Arkaydia”. And let me just say what a show it was. They blew everyone away. If you haven’t heard them yet, just wait cause you will be hearing a lot about them real soon. These skaters can rock! And are playing shows now all over. Anyway needless to say it was a long night and I think I only got about 3 hours of sleep but we hit the road around 7am Saturday morning Sept 1. We arrived around 11:30 at 688 uneventfully to find most of the team nearly worn out from the early morning practice sessions. So they attacked the RV practically before I could even get it parked. We bought snacks and sandwich stuff for them and they literally cleaned out about $120 worth of food in about 15 minutes! But none the less the rip pin for the grom kids was about to begin. The contest this year was being handled by BC and some of the guys from Crown skateboards. If you know them then you know how cool this was for our crew since we are always stoked to skate with them. BC is one of the most entertaining MC’s at skate events I have ever been to. I just want to say thanks to those guys for putting on a great well run event. The contest moved on very well all day with lots of team riders just killing it and showing why they are apart of our crew. Some stand outs were Jack Straiton from our CBS team, Sam Rooks who has just been moved up to the advanced level at CBS. Also Jonathan Morefield who has some super smooth style for a little ripper and had smiths on lock all weekend. Clint Beswick also was throwing down all weekend and seriously has some real man tricks now as his progression is easily noticed. With front boards, lip slides nollie back 180’s and more. Also Anthony Faiola stepped up this weekend showing some new skill since moving onto our Florida team level.

Jack Straiton.....Boardslide
Later the older team riders had their chance to put their 50second runs down in what seemed like 120 degree heat inside that metal oven of a skate park. And they despite the heat showed again why they should be on our teams. Some of the pictures taken truly don’t give justice to how sick some of these guys runs were. Shylo Tolliver was killing it all weekend along with Jaime Ceruti, Kyle Chambers, Andrew Allaire, Shawn Mascher and Blake Kovarik from our GSZ team. The CBS team was representing with Chad and Randy Tepper and up and coming shredder Dylan Durkin. There are way to many riders to mention how they all skated but lets just say the east coast showed what’s up! But the weekend was dominated mostly by Timmy Knuth and Dylan Durkin from both of our teams. Timmy is the only skater we can think of to win 2 back to back mini ramp and street contests for the BAA finals contest. Tim Johnson has done it once and now Timmy has set a new record to win them both twice. Not far behind was our team ripper from CBS Dylan Durkin who finished 3rd in mini ramp and 1st in street. Dylan had probably the most amazing street course run of the weekend that had everyone stoked all day. He blasted out a huge Indy nosebone to start his run and had continuous back to back tricks all over the course, like kick flip front boards on the double set rail into nollie back 180 up the step-up and then kick flip over the volcano to name a few combos. Needless to say everyone was going off at the end of time for his run. Then of course showing his veteran skills Timmy Knuth also had an amazing run with more tricks landed in his run than anyone had all weekend. Timmy’s ability to link tricks is truly amazing and he is like watching a one man demo when he is on. Well today he was and destroyed the course with one footed back smiths, front feebs, kick flip krooks and more. After his runs the crowd went wild in amazement as Timmy almost passed out from exhaustion.

Clint Bestwick..... 5-0
Dylan Durkin.... Indie
688_baa_timmy dylan.jpg
Timmy Knuth, Dylan Durkin...1st Place
All in all it was another great weekend and contest. With everyone rippin it and having fun. Again the crew from the east coast stepped up and supported skate boarding in all age divisions and left a good impression of how awesome skating is for everyone. Thanks to all who came out and to our parents and team riders for holding it down for our crazy skate family.


DIVISION:9 and Under Finals
Name Score Hometown Sponsors

1) Tyler Hunger 85.67 Sarasota
2) Jack Sraiton 84.67 Cocoa Beach
3) Brennan Campbell 84.33 Clearwater
4) Noah Berger 79.67 Palm Bay, Fl
5) Blake Knapp 79.00 Cocoa Beach
6) Cameron Miller 78.67 Clearwater
7) Brandon Lane 78.00 Clearwater
8) Julien Rodriguez 77.33 Orlando
9) Garrett McFall 76.67 Clearwater
10) Michael Whitehead 76.33 Clearwater
11) David Fisher ? Palm Harbor

Sam Rooks.... Indie Transfer

DIVISION:10 - 12 Finals
Name Score Hometown Sponsors

1) Bong Gause 90.67 Jacksonville Crown Skateboards
2) Dustin Guarnieri 86.67 Spring Hill
3) Anthony Fiola 86.33 New Port Richey Graffiti Skate Zone,
4) Austin Mcahan 86.00 St. Pete
5) Kai Gause 85.33 Jacksonville Crown Skateboards
6) Cory Calestina 84.67 Margate, Fl
7) Anthony Henderson 84.33 Clearwater Negative Growth Skateboards, 688 Skatepark,
Pistol Grip
8) Clint Beswick 84.33 Palm Bay, Fl
9) Johnathan Morefield 83.67 Cocoa Beach
10) Sam Rooks 83.33 Cocoa Beach
11) Haze Miller 83.00 Port Richey Surf Shack
12) Dakota Hunt 77.33 Palm Bay, Fl Grafitti Skate Zone
13) Jack Clothier 77.00 Tierra Verde

DIVISION:13 - 15 Finals
688 Skateparks Burning Across America Finals 2007
Name Score Hometown Sponsors

1) Dylan Durkin 93.00
2) Jamie Foy 92.33 Deerfield Beach Pistol Grip
3) Justin Atchley 91.67
4) Blake Kovarick 90.00 Palm Bay
5) Marlee Miller 88.75 Port Richy Timeline, Surf Shack
6) Jamie Ceruti 88.67 Melbourne
7) Randy Tepper 88.50 Merrit Island CBS,
8) CJ Dixon 88.33 Cocoa Beach
9) Angelo Medina 87.67 Clearwater
10) Paul Holt 85.67 Holiday 688Skatepark, Pistol Grip
11) Shylo Tolliver 85.00 Palm Bay
12) Alex Paey 84.33 Seminole Pistol Grip
13) Phillip J Ehrecke 83.67 Lake Helen

DIVISION:Sponsored Finals
688 Skateparks Burning Across America Finals 2007
Name Score Hometown Sponsors

1) Timmy Knuth 94.00 Melbourne Duffs, Ninja,, S-one, Pistol Grip, Graffitti Skate Zone
2) TJ Sparks 92.33 St. Pete Pistol Grip, Vans, Nixon, Bones, Westside Skateshop, Planet Earth
3) Evan Mirschel 90.67 Amelia Island Crown Skateboards
4) Chris Coogan 90.00 Pace, FL Animal, Solo Wheels, Navigator, Gulf Coast, Beyond Board
5) Pat Daniels 89.67 St. Pete The Finest Skateshop, Ninja
6) Jayson Colon 89.00 Jacksonville Crown Skateboards
7) Marcus Jalaber 88.33 Clearwater 688 Skatepark, Pistol Grip, Ominous Skateboards
8) Brent Sowinski 87.33 Clearwater
9) Mike Tischer 87.00 Seminole
10) Fletcher Renegar 86.67 Ringgold, GA Powell, Bones, Krux, Mechanical Grip, Adio, Planet Earth, Oakly, Progressive Skatepark
11) Nick Zizzo 86.33 Naples Brotherhood Skateshop, Nobyl Skateboards
12) Michael Manin 85.33 Atlanta, Ga
13) Chris Light 83.33 Pensacola

Jonathin Morefield.....Front Smith

DIVISION: Intermediate Mini
Final Results
Name Total Hometown Sponsors

1) Jamie Foy 88.67 Deerfield Beach Island Watersports, Lake Skateboards, Pistol Grip
2) Markus Jalaber 86.33 Clearwater 688 Skatepark, Ominous Skateboards, Pistol Grip
3) Clint Beswick 86.00 Palm Bay, Fl
4) Danny "CoCo" Anderson 85.67 Wick City Pistol Grip
5) Brennan Campbell 85.33 Clearwater
6) CJ Dixon 85.00 Cocoa Beach
7) Jack Straiten 84.67 Cocoa Beach
8) Paul Holt 84.50 Holiday 688 Skatepark, Pandemic Skateboards, Pistol Grip
9) Kyle Woodward 84.33 St. Petersburg Golgotha Skatepark
10) Ethan Clothier 84.30 St. Petersburg Southern Boarder
11) Justin Atchley 84.25 Sarasota
12) Dakota Hunt 84.15 Palm Bay, Fl Grafitti Skate Zone
13) Cory Calestina 84.10 Margate, Fl
14) Anthony Henderson 84.00 Clearwater 688 Skateboards, Nagative Growth Skateboards, Pistol Grip

16) Jack Clothier 83.67 St. Petersburg
15) Kai Gause 83.50 Jacksonville Crown Skateboards
18) Haze Miller 83.33 Port Richey
17) Stephen Lawlor 83.25 Clemont, Fl
19) Tyler Myer 83.00 St. Pete Beach 688 Skatepark
21) Alex Paey 82.75 Seminole Pistol Grip
20) Bong Gause 82.67 Jacksonville Crown Skateboards
22) Sam Rooks 82.50 Cocoa Beach
23) Josh Rockwood 82.33 Delano, Fl
24) Anthony Fiola 79.33 New Port Richey Graffiti Skate Zone
25) Josh Baker 73.33 ?


1) Timmy Knuth 95.00 Melbourne Duffs, Ninja,, S-one, Pistol Grip, Graffitti Skate Zone
2) Tommy Wray 93.67 St. Petersburg Southern Boarder, Pistol Grip, Ominous Skateboards
3) Dylan Durkin 92.00 Coaco Beach
4) Chris Coogan 90.33 Pace, FL Aminal, Solo Wheels, Navigator, Gulf Coast, Beyond Board
5) Dalton Deyn 89.67 Apopka, Fl Neontux
6) Jamie Ceruti 89.33 Melbourne
7) Dark Jay 88.67 Tampa 688 Skatepark, Ghetto Skateboards, Osiris, Pistol Grip
8) Chris Light 88.33 Pensacola
9) Brandon Knowles 88.33 Pensacola
10) Jason Colon 87.67 Jacksonville Crown Skateboards
11) Shylo Tolliver 86.67 Palm Bay, Fl
12) Jacob Hickey 86.67 Orlando
13) Drew Doyle 85.00 Jacksonville CrownSkateboards, Pound Clothing
14) Aaron Mullen 84.67 PVB Crown Skateboards
15) Ethan Clothier 83.33 St. Petersburg Southern Boarder
16) Kyle Frere 83.00 St. Augustine Crown Skateboards
17) Tyler Myer 82.67 St. Pete Beach 688 Skatepark
18) Josh Brogan 81.67 Pensacola Beyond Boards
19) Nick Adandan 79.00 Pace, FL Beyond Boards
20) Drew Hoffman 78.67 Bellair Beach