*Grade point average for 1st through 8th must be at least 2.8

*Grade point average for 9th through 12th must be at least 2.5

* Must represent Graffiti Skate Zone - GSZ positively at all times in all places. Negative attitudes or abusive behavior will not be allowed.

* Must be well behaved in all other skate parks or at school or home. detentions, suspensions, restrictions, arrests or other trouble will not be allowed.

* Must wear safety gear (pads and helmets) in accordance with your local skate park's guidelines while skating locally and within the guidelines of the Graffiti teams requirements on team trips.

* Must provide a short video representing your skating skills on street style obstacles as well as transition styles in

Skate parks. Video should be at least 3 minutes and introduce you by name and have general information on where you live and other interests.

* Must complete Flo team application and submit with video.

* Must be able to travel and have arrangements to attend mandatory team trips for contests and events.

* Should be able to attend at least one session at Graffiti Skate zone during your 3 month term on team.


*Free admission to other parks on team related trips.

* Free entry for contests on team trips to other parks.

* 25% percent discount on merchandise in our pro shop.

* Free Graffiti Skate Zone team shirt.

* Free admission to GSZ on team night for practice and meeting.

Team night currently on Tuesday night from 6 - 8pm. Parents meeting at 6pm and team meeting at 7pm (times subject to change)

* Discounted daily admission for team riders of $3.00 at GSZ.

* Free exposure and information to skate industry news and events to help promote teams skills and abilities for possible sponsors.

* Information on skate companies looking for new up and coming skaters.

* Help with organizing and managing team riders interested in getting sponsored.

* Get to skate and train with some of the most talented skaters in the state of Florida.

* Develop better skills and make new friends and contacts in the Local and worldwide skate scene.